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Il vino può essere acquistato solo dai maggiori di 18 anni.

Il vino è una bevanda meravigliosa, ma va consumato con moderazione.

Quando bevete usate la testa e amate la vita.

Vini della Villa di Maser

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I vini della Villa di Maser

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The Villa di Maser (Villa Barbaro) is a masterpiece by Andrea Palladio(1508-80), included in the UNESCO World Heritage List that has remained at the heart of its flouring agricultural estate and that, in its Historic Winery produces prestigious wines.


Open all year round, it maintains the fascinating character of the home where the owners live, and during the events its beauty and magic atmosphere can be enjoyed in the different seasons.


Le visit begins with the show of the creeping wisteria, roses, and bignonias in the entrance courtyard that in spring and early summer welcome the visitors with their flowers.


Inside the villa, the six rooms frescoed by Paolo Veronese, are his largest and most important work in fresco. From the Hall of the Olympus one can see the Ninfeo decorated with stuccoes by Alessandro Vittoria.



A short walk among the vineyards leads to the collezione di carrozze where different coaches are exposed that where the means of transport of the past centuries.

At the end a short stop for a rest, a light lunch, a wine tasting or shopping for wines, local products, post cards or souvenirs at the wine&shop degustazione.


The Villa di Maser is on the Montello e Colli Asolani Wine Road

Strada del Vino del Montello e Colli Asolani

Consorzio Tutela Vini DOC Montello e Colli AsolaniVilla di Maser is a member of the Montello e Colli Asolani DOC Wines Consortium